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A Few Tips on How to Overcome Rush Hour Traffic While Cruising through Moscow

Okay, so if you live in L.A., this rush hour traffic may not seem so bad…
However, the same seven rules still apply:

  1. Buy a motorcycle
  2. Make that a superbike (Yamaha R1, a.k.a. crotch rocket)
  3. Wear lose fitting pants (you may need to unload in them)
  4. Go really, really fast, and try not to hit anything
  5. Get some really good life insurance
  6. On second thought, swap number 5 for the number one spot
  7. Bring a clean change of underwear, in case you need to kiss your a$$ goodbye!

2012 BMW S 1000 RR Gets a Makeover

We don’t usually cover bikes on Autozilla, but for this one we’re making an exception…

This month, BMW is celebrating the two-year anniversary of their 1000 RR superbike. To celebrate, BMW has released a next-generation RR, which is more than a few decals and color choices. Well, you do get a few more choices on the color palate, such as racing red, alpine white, blue fire, and black metallic, and the RR logo has been slightly modified. However, what really caught our attention is the redesigned suspension, which has been improved with less weight, more stiffness, and an optimized geometry. Everything from the fork projection, to the spring strut length has been fussed over, to create a bike that can practically ride itself. Continue reading 2012 BMW S 1000 RR Gets a Makeover