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This is What the Most Expensive (and heaviest) SUV Looks Like

It is called the Karlmann King.

It features ballistic armor, a Nespresso machine, compact fridge, pop out table, and a 6.8 liter V10 powerplant – and we haven’t even got to the list of customizable stuff yet.

The King has been designed and crafted by 1800 dedicated folks, who also like to get a paycheck from time to time. And because of that, you will be offering up several months of employee checks with each purchase of just roughly $2 million.

The interior can be customized with lighting, appliances, and just about anything else you can dream of. But dreams can get awfully heavy when they come unlimited, and in the case of the Karlmann King, your dreams will likely weigh this down to about 13,000 pounds. This will put a big limit on your top speed, which will top out at around 87 mph.

But who needs to go fast when you’re behind a stack of stealthy, armor plating like this. And there is more we could say about the King, but unless you’ve got the cash in hand, this is really all most people will ever need to know.

Introducing the Bentley EXP 9F SUV

Bentley just cannot make up their mind on whether or not they want to put the EXP 9F SUV into production. They are reaching out to interested parties once again with a video, as if asking, “If we build it… will you come buy it?”

“Well, now that depends,” you say. “What’s it got to offer.”

The design of the exterior is uniquely inspired by the famous Blower Bentley’s, which if you’re under the age of 70, may not exactly ring a bell. These were the old 4 and ½ liter vehicles fitted with a roots supercharger. However, rather than the supercharger being built with the original plans, the chief engineer at the time refused. The supercharger ended up having to be retrofitted on the end of the crankshaft, in front of the radiator, which gave these cars a very recognizable appearance.

In 2012, this concept is still set off from the pack, featuring a “matrix” grill, and round headlamps. The original Blowers were quite competitive on the racetrack back in the day, and Bentley has worked to uphold that tradition with a twin-turbocharged 6-liter W-12, featuring a stout 600 horsepower, and axle bending 800 ft-lbs of torque. All this power is harnessed through an 8-speed transmission.

Not everybody needs 600 horsepower, so Bentley will also be offering a 4.0-liter V8, featuring 500 horsepower. A V-6 plug-in hybrid will round out the choices, offering 0-60 times in less than five seconds, and a range of 18 miles on just the battery, which isn’t too shabby for a hybrid.

Inside the retro theme continues with an upright dashboard with a wood veneer housing for the instrument cluster. Bentley tradition extends itself to several “bullseye” air vents, highlighted with a “rifled” gunmetal inner surface. The entire interior is designed from a balanced mix of soft-touch leather, silk wool, aluminum, and bronze.

The rear passengers will be treated to a plethora of modern accessories, including a full keyboard with Internet capability, and a high-quality “infotainment” screen. Powered footrests, cooling champagne compartment, and drink tables round out some of the traditional conveniences that can only come standard with a Bentley.

So, what do you think? Should they build it or not?