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Fisker is Back!


Fisker is back, and the Atlantic Concept has been confirmed for 2015. If you have not been paying attention to the saga at Fisker, they have been in trouble since the day the company was formed. They started in 2007, spend too much money on parts, ended up losing $35,000 per $100,000 Karmathey sold, and spent a total of  $1.4 billion on one single car.

To make matters worse, they put less than 2,000 Karma’s in driveways across North America over five years of production, even though their plan was to have 15,000 sold per year. This week we discovered that the¬†Wangiang Group had purchased Fisker for the sum of $149.2 million, and has plans to resume production of the Karma within one year.

The Chinese auto parts company also has aspirations to finish the Atlantic Concept in 2015, which was slated to be Fisker’s more affordable hybrid:

Wanxiang, according to Ni, also wants Fisker to complete the half finished development of a second model called the Atlantic, a mid-size gasoline-electric hybrid sedan that was to be positioned as a more affordable “volume model” under Fisker’s previous management and was slated to go into production in 2015.

via Reuters

Gas Prices Climb to $4/gallon; Yet Muscle Cars Rein Surpreme in May Sales

The May 2011 numbers are in, and the American Muscle car beat out the Japanese hybrid by nearly 2,000 units (that’s 19,476 muscle cars vs. 17,852 hybrids). While this may sound surprising with gas prices soaring to $4/gallon, when you consider the Japanese earthquake, and the lack of hybrids on the showroom floor. It isn’t so much that muscle cars have become more popular, but rather the hybrid has become more of an endangered species. Continue reading Gas Prices Climb to $4/gallon; Yet Muscle Cars Rein Surpreme in May Sales