Gas Prices Climb to $4/gallon; Yet Muscle Cars Rein Surpreme in May Sales

The May 2011 numbers are in, and the American Muscle car beat out the Japanese hybrid by nearly 2,000 units (that’s 19,476 muscle cars vs. 17,852 hybrids). While this may sound surprising with gas prices soaring to $4/gallon, when you consider the Japanese earthquake, and the lack of hybrids on the showroom floor. It isn’t so much that muscle cars have become more popular, but rather the hybrid has become more of an endangered species.

Toyota’s and Honda’s were both down 51 percent in sales this May, and if we calculate the expected units that were to be sold, the hybrid would have walloped the muscle car by over 10,000 units. Looking at these numbers, it’s obvious hybrid buyers were not all buying muscle cars. While consumers may not have decided to go with domestic muscle, many did switch to domestic economy cars.

The biggest sellers for May were the Chevy Cruze and Ford Focus. Overall, the Big Three (Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler) were back in their heyday, taking the top three spots in sales (respectively). While a good portion of this was due to mother nature (earthquake), experts claim the lack of refreshed models for the Japanese segment, has also hurt their sales.

While Ford was the overall leader in consumer purchases, the Chevrolet’s Camaro was the top selling muscle car. The Mustang lost over 35 percent of its units sold since last May, which is about 3,618 less than the year before. The Dodge Challenger has taken a comfortable position in third place, having lost only 410 units since last year.

Enjoy your time in the limelight, muscle cars. As much as we like you here at, most people don’t require 425 horsepower to sit in traffic for an hour each day to and from work. But we’re not bitter, honest we’re not!