7 Sleeper’s You’d Never See Coming

Everybody just loves an underdog!
Well, everybody except the poor schlub in his $300,000 Ferrari Enzo, who happens to pull up next to one of these.

7. 10 Second K-Car

Meet the 1985 Plymouth Reliant known as “Relentless”

6. School Bus

Back to School for the Cool!

5. Dodge Minivan

The little 2.4-liter turbo that could!

4. The Family Station Wagon

This would make a fun car during cruise night.

3. Mazda RX-7

Mazda’s aren’t usually that exciting, but a twin-turbo 427 big block sure wakes things up.

2. Just Another Minivan

The ultimate grocery getter. You just need to leave some room for the turbine helicopter engine.

1. Ford Model “A”

Henry Ford would be proud!