2013 Dodge Dart Sneak Peek: Don’t Get Too Excited, It’s a Compact!

This just in… The new 2013 Dodge Dart will have a powerplant known as the Tigershark (Yay!). However, this tiger will be stalking the roadways with less than 200 horsepower (Boo). That’s the bad news. The good news for those who are too young to have a memory of the old hell-raising, 375 horsepower, 440 cubic-inch, GTS Dart (or so old you forget), its predecessor will maintain no less than about 40 mpg. This will put the new Dart in direct competition with the Chevy Cruze, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, and Hyundai Elantra.

This will be one of the first Chrysler production models manufactured in North America that will be built from the platform of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which has been supersized to fit the likes of American buyers, according to Autoblog. While the details will remain a bit murky until its official unveiling at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, there is reason to believe that buyers will have a feast of engine options thrown at them, including a turbo-charged 1.4-liter, regularly aspirated 2.0-liter, and 2.4-liter Tigershark.

This is not a bad sounding vehicle, and we have no problem with Dodge putting out another eco-model, as they are selling like hotcakes in this economy. However, why couldn’t they have called it a more fitting name, such as a Doogie, or perhaps even a Dimple? Oh well, here is a glimpse of what the Dart used to represent…