Which 2012 Vehicles Are Harmful to Your Health?

HealthyStuff.org has released the most caustic vehicles for 2012, and there were a couple of surprises on the list. You might think that price, and prestige would determine the amount of poor materials found in the design and construction of a vehicle. However, if you are a fan of Mini, VW, and Mitsubishi, we’ve got a few wild cards to throw at you.

Let’s begin with the bottom of the list, which are the worst cars, made from the most caustic materials. The kinds of skull and crossbones stuff we are talking about here are Bromine, Lead, Chromium, and Mercury.

The top 10 cars to stay away (from terrible to downright awful) are the Mini Cooper Clubman S, VW Eos, Kia Sportage, Chevrolet Aveo5, Hyundai Accent, Mazda CX-7, Nissan Versa, Kia Soul, Chrysler 200 SC, and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

The top 10, cleanest vehicles at the dealerships this year are the Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, Honda CR-Z, Nissan Cube, Acura RDX, Acura ZDX, Audi S5, Smart Coupe, Toyota Venza, and Smart Passion.

Check out HealthyStuff.org to see where your car currently ranks among this years most poisonous list.

(Photo via Autoblog.com)