e-Carver Wants a Piece of the Tesla Roadster

The original two-seat Carver One was built on a steel chassis, 5-speed manual, and 660 cc turbocharged Daihatsu engine worth 68 bhp. It could barely clear 0-60 in 8 seconds, and with a cost factor teetering over $50 grand, it was not a big surprise it grew to extinction faster than the Knight Rider 2010 television series.

It was an interesting design, however, combining the safety of three wheels, with the banking (leaning) prowess of a sport bike. It also had the unique benefit of passive rear steering, hydraulic damper controls, two tandem seats, and a removable roof.

On the negative front, it was slow, expensive, and would fly out of road alignment with the smallest bump. The Daihatsu engine was decent, but failed to deliver power past 6,000 rpm, even though it had a redline of 9,000 rpm. An ECU upgrade added improvement to a few of its faults, but that wasn’t enough to mask its $50,000+ price point.

A Danish company has since refurbished the idea, throwing an electric motor into the mix, giving it instant torque, and the potential to brush through 0-60 in 6 seconds. The e-Carver, as it is called, has its sights set on the Tesla Roadster as an alternative electric sport vehicle.

The Carver-e (Lynx) was featured at an Asian automotive show this past April, but whether or not it has the potential to make it into production is a question only time can answer. It’s a cool idea, mind you, but they will need to come in a good bit below the price of a Tesla to have any prayer.

Check it out in action: