Shelby Vs. Shelby

If my first name was “Big,” last name “Boobs,” I would have one hell of a leg up when it came to advertising myself on Google. Well, the same thing goes for Jerod Shelby, the owner of Shelby SuperCars (SSC). Considering that the Shelby trademark has practically written the book on performance, a lot of people just assumed the legendary racer, Carroll Shelby, was behind the SSC Ultimate Aero. This is exactly why Carroll decided to make a moderate stink about the use of his trademark name for another companies gain.

Carroll Shelby doesn’t mess around when somebody inches in on his turf. So, his boys went up against Jerod’s, and the final settlement requires that SSC no longer use the Shelby name for commercial use. Rather than Shelby SuperCars, they will now be known as SSC North America. The “North America” part was added to further distinguish the company from Carroll Shelby’s, Shelby International.

Now that we got that straightened out, Jerod can get back to building his upcoming black top scorcher, the 1,350 horsepower Tuatara. This is SSC’s newest supercar that has its sights set on kicking the Bugatti Veyron off the hill for the umpteenth time!