Muscle Car Flashback: The Panoz AIV Roadster

While most people know about the Shelby Cobra Roadster and Chrysler/Plymouth Prowler, the Panoz AIV Roadster has always remained a bit of a mystery. This car was built by a small racing company in Georgia in the early 90’s. The roadster featured a custom, hand-made body and its drivetrain was borrowed from a Ford Shelby Cobra Mustang. In later years, both the chassis and body of the Panoz was built out of aluminum, giving the roadster a 1,000 pound weight advantage over the bloated pony car.

The Panoz is one of the few vehicles to have been built using a special epoxy bonding process, which gave it the ability to take tight corners with very minimal body/chassis flex. The result was a car that was legal for the streets, but extremely potent at the track. Its 4.6-liter Shelby motor produced 305 horsepower, and could snap a speedo (0-60) in 4.6-seconds. With a 427 cubic inch big block transplanted between its fenders, a Panoz AIV Roadster can give even a Corvette Z06 track car a run for its money.

Have a look for yourself: