How to ‘Hammer’ Out A Problem with Lamborghini

A wealthy Chinese businessman shipped his Lamborghini Gallardo out for repair last November 29th, 2010, after the supercar coughed up a case of the ‘I don’t wanna start’s’. The authorized dealership that took the car in was unable to get it running, so they shipped it back to the owner in the same dysfunctional condition, except with the addition of a smashed bumper that occurred during transport.

The dealership refused to take responsibility for the damage, and after several failed attempts to get any sympathy from the Chinese Lambo headquarters, the owner finally gave up and decided to use the car as a piƱata. To express his dissatisfaction with the crappy service, the supercar owner organized his own protest on March 15 (World Consumer Rights Day), having the car destroyed among an audience of onlookers and video cameras.