Bleach Destruction

Bleach can cause a lot of damage. It can dissolve a common garden slug. Permanently scar a hot pink mini skirt, and leave quite a calling card on $1.4 million in supercars.

A blonde woman (with a blond co-pilot), was cruising out front of Place du Casino, in Monaco (Monte Carlo), when all of a sudden four supercars flew into the front and sides of her car. Well, actually, that is not exactly how it happened.

The woman (blond) driving the Bentley Azure ($491,000), cascaded across a Mercedes Benz S-Class ($147,000), creating a series of dents like the Titanic. Next, she collided with a Ferrari F430 ($281,000), an Aston Martin Rapid ($294,000), finally coming to a halt in front of a huge crowd of bystanders after pummeling a black Porsche 911 ($157,000).

The Daily Mail estimates the cost of repairs to be somewhere around ($79,000).

“Did I do that?”