Rights for an Illegally Parked Corps

Last summer a dead Seattle man received a ticket for parking too long in a 2-hour zone. It seems the parking enforcement officer chalked the man’s car at 9:30 AM (he was sitting in the driver’s seat, dead), and then came back in the afternoon to issue the ticket. His girlfriend located him about a half hour after he had received the ticket.

Do you think she had to pay the $42 fine?

Luckily, there are some rules to this situation. If any of you should ever happen to die while sitting at an expired parking meter, the officers are limited to the number of parking tickets they can issue. It is currently only three tickets served per dead citizen.

You can imagine the fiasco that must have lead to this guideline. Probably some rotting corpse in Alabama, sitting outside a local kitty bar with over 50 tickets jammed under his windshield wiper.

Under the guidelines, for each of the first two issuing tickets, the meter minder must knock on the window and call out, “Have a nice day” to the motionless individual. Upon issuing the third ticket, it’s usually time to call the hearse!