Top 21 Automotive Uses for WD-40

WD-40 is almost 60 years old. It was born in 1953, by a scientist named Ken East. Ken perfected the formula so that it could be used for the rust prevention of Atlas missile parts. It took 40 trials before the mixture was proven successful, hence its name. Since that faithful moment, people have tried WD-40 on just about everything and anything. Here are the top 21 uses for WD-40… in, on, and around your automobile:

21. Removes gum, tar, and grease from vinyl and leather seats
20. Removes brake dust from wheel rims. Great on really grimy wheels.
19. Lubricates telescopic antennas. Keeps them running smoothly.
18. Keeps door and trunk locks working, while also aiding in the prevention of the mechanism freezing during wet and frigid temperatures.
17. Cleans and protects overall engine. I used to know a friend who would spray WD-40 all over his engine whenever it quit running. It just protects, folks. It’s not a miracle worker!
16. Repels water from wet electronics, such as distributors, alternators, batteries, and spark plugs.  It also protects electrical parts from corrosion.
15. Cleans oil and grease off of hands. Works great when you’re out of garage soap.
14. Cleans, shines, and removes oxidization from steel and other metals
13. Removes spray paint graffiti from painted surface of vehicle. However, the duller the paint, the less effective the WD-40 will be.
12. Penetrates rusted or frozen bolts and screws, allowing them to beremoved without stripping/breaking.
11. Protects weatherstripping from drying and cracking. Also allows windshield wipers to last longer.
10. Stops fan belt from squeaking. You will still need to replace or tighten for a permanent fix, but to rid yourself of that embarrassment right away, nothing works faster or cheaper.
9. Removes dog slobber from seats and dash.
8. Removes pine sap, tar, asphalt, bird droppings, and splattered bug guts from painted and non-painted surfaces. There are a lot of very caustic ways of removing these common catastrophes, but this is one of the most gentle.
7. Removes unwanted wax from plastics or flat colored surfaces.
6. Removes skid marks from cement.
5. Cleans dried coffee/soda pop off cup holders in a jiffy.
4. Spray on nylon tie-downs prior to securing a load in order to protect the surface from being scratched. Most people don’t know this, but it works great!
3. Removes adhesive stickers from windows (glass and plastic) and bumpers (painted and plastic).
2. Shines the rubber on your tires at a fraction of the cost of other products specific for that purpose.
1. Will help remove a dead boa constrictor jammed inside an engine compartment. While not something that happens too often, if the situation should arise, you’ll be glad you had a can available!