RC Car Tribute to Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six


HPI Racing has created a Micro-Gymkhana in the form of an RC car, otherwise known as a Ken Block 2013 GRC Micro RS4. At first we thought this was just another typical mini-me 1/18 replica of Ken Block’s monster 650 horsepower Fiesta.

However, upon further inspection we realized this RC car actually features 4WD, coil over shocks, a double wishbone suspension, and high performance tires.

Big deal, you say. RC cars are for kids.

Tell that to the production team who built this miniature Gymkhana Six obstacle course, complete with jumps, a spiked ball, lifted tractors, and an attitude that some psychologists might classify as “Julius Caeser (Little Man) Syndrome”.

Get your Micro-Gymkhana here.