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Ford GT V6 Supercar – What You Need to Know

2017 Ford GT Supercar

The new Ford GT Supercar is a technological marvel, but anytime you start messing with tradition, you’re going to alienate a few long standing fans. Okay, so we’re hip and we have no problem with the fact that the new Ford GT comes with an EcoBoost V6, but we might have preferred a more macho engine name like the ‘Alienator V6’ or something along those lines.

We understand the government restrictions weighing down on automotive manufacturers, and can certainly respect any car with over 600 horsepower, no matter how those numbers are achieved. But it takes more than horsepower to make a great supercar. It actually begins with a competent chassis and lightweight body and frame.


Ford plans to take care of the weight problem by using hand-laid carbon fiber body panels throughout. And these panels are not only lightweight, but also painstakingly designed to move with the drivers needs to produce just enough cool air and down force to keep its over 600 horsepower in check. And speaking of power to weight, Fords design team claims the new GT will have the best power to weight ratio of any production car available today.  Yes, ‘the best’.

That is a gutsy claim to make for a supercar that the Ford team has only been working on for around one year. And if you believe these boasts and put two and two together – we can deduce that the new Ford GT must be awfully light (carbon fiber wheel rim possibility included). But what about the chassis and suspension? Clearly there must be something special about it.

2017 Ford GT Supercar rear

Well, Ford will be running plenty of electronics to its four wheels, enabling the GT to adjust its own ride height depending on how it is being called to use. And yes that means making it over large parking lot speed bumps without damage to those sleek carbon ground effects. And while its show is all carbon and its go is a twin-turbo Ford 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, its stop will be all ceramic carbon,  thanks to a collaboration with Brembo.

Some fans might suspect that a rear-powered V6 would pair rather nicely with a front wheel electric engine, but Ford has no intention of making the GT a hybrid just yet. In fact, Ford would have a bit of a difficult time branding their ‘EcoBoost’ flagship with the addition of a electric motor, so rather than gum up the production release with excuses, Ford is going all petrol power for now. But what’s the hurry, you might be asking?


Well, Ford does plan on entering the  Le Mans in 2016 and needs a good ‘homologation’ excuse to take on Ferrari – again – just like old times. And while these prototype images are fairly fresh, Ford has no intention of making us wait unnecessarily until a production version is caught by the spy photographers. In fact, by our calculations, those spy photos should start to emerge this Spring.

Ford, we sure do love it when a plan comes together!


Bugatti Veyron Replicas and Clones

Bugatti Veyron Replicas and Clones Ford Cougar

A $1 million supercar is a bit expensive for the average Joe or Jolene. However, the cost of a Suzuki Esteem, Ford Cougar, Toyota MR2, Honda Civic, Nissan 350Z, or Porsche Boxster plus a little paint and body work is another option.

Just don’t hold your expectations too high, as not all Bugatti Veyron replicas… actually look all that much like a Bugatti Veyron. See if you can decipher the make and model of each car hiding underneath the faux $1 million sheepskin.

Bugatti Veyron Replicas and Clones Ford Cougar 2


Continue reading Bugatti Veyron Replicas and Clones

Shelby Vs. Shelby

If my first name was “Big,” last name “Boobs,” I would have one hell of a leg up when it came to advertising myself on Google. Well, the same thing goes for Jerod Shelby, the owner of Shelby SuperCars (SSC). Considering that the Shelby trademark has practically written the book on performance, a lot of people just assumed the legendary racer, Carroll Shelby, was behind the SSC Ultimate Aero. This is exactly why Carroll decided to make a moderate stink about the use of his trademark name for another companies gain. Continue reading Shelby Vs. Shelby

838 horsepower, Abby Cubey, and a First Look at the 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR

Mosler has finally released information on their crushing new hyper-exotic supercar, dubbed the RaptorGTR. If you’re a diehard car nut, you have probably noticed that there seems to be a reoccurring theme with most successful supercars, and the formula is:

Carbon Fiber Shell + Big Block V-8 = Massive Acceleration (about 2.3 seconds (0-60) for the GTR) Continue reading 838 horsepower, Abby Cubey, and a First Look at the 2012 Mosler RaptorGTR

2012 BMW S 1000 RR Gets a Makeover

We don’t usually cover bikes on Autozilla, but for this one we’re making an exception…

This month, BMW is celebrating the two-year anniversary of their 1000 RR superbike. To celebrate, BMW has released a next-generation RR, which is more than a few decals and color choices. Well, you do get a few more choices on the color palate, such as racing red, alpine white, blue fire, and black metallic, and the RR logo has been slightly modified. However, what really caught our attention is the redesigned suspension, which has been improved with less weight, more stiffness, and an optimized geometry. Everything from the fork projection, to the spring strut length has been fussed over, to create a bike that can practically ride itself. Continue reading 2012 BMW S 1000 RR Gets a Makeover

The Cat’s Out Of The Bag: Jaguar X-C75

The new Jaguar X-C75 is a stunning supercar that packs a big punch. With an expected 800bhp, this bad boy will give those in the same class a real run for their money. Originally a concept car, it was so well received that Jaguar decided to put it into production. Lighter than a Ford Focus, it will do 0-100mph in less than 6-seconds. The word is, Jag will make about 250 of these in the next couple years. However, if you’re only reading this now, you probably already lost your chance to reserve one!

Bleach Destruction

Bleach can cause a lot of damage. It can dissolve a common garden slug. Permanently scar a hot pink mini skirt, and leave quite a calling card on $1.4 million in supercars.

A blonde woman (with a blond co-pilot), was cruising out front of Place du Casino, in Monaco (Monte Carlo), when all of a sudden four supercars flew into the front and sides of her car. Well, actually, that is not exactly how it happened. Continue reading Bleach Destruction