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3 Trucks That Would Survive the Polar Vortex


The statistics are escalating, suggesting that over 187 million people are currently being smothered in a blanket of polar air. A portion of these people are trapped at the airport, considering that over 7000 flights have been canceled over the past two days. However, the majority of people are just sitting at home next to their computer, wishing they had an apocalyptic truck to take them away.

Well, if you’ve got the cash (or credit), we’ve got the solution:

Polar Toyota Tacoma

Why? Lightweight frame, snow shoes, and a supercharged DOHC 4.0-liter.

Toyota Hilux by Arctic Trucks

Why? Heavy duty battery, fuel/coolant heaters, and studded (run-flat) tires.

Subaru WRX Trax STI

Why? MOTEC tuned 2.5-liter turbo on a Mattrax rubber trax system.

A Few Tips on How to Overcome Rush Hour Traffic While Cruising through Moscow

Okay, so if you live in L.A., this rush hour traffic may not seem so bad…
However, the same seven rules still apply:

  1. Buy a motorcycle
  2. Make that a superbike (Yamaha R1, a.k.a. crotch rocket)
  3. Wear lose fitting pants (you may need to unload in them)
  4. Go really, really fast, and try not to hit anything
  5. Get some really good life insurance
  6. On second thought, swap number 5 for the number one spot
  7. Bring a clean change of underwear, in case you need to kiss your a$$ goodbye!

Rights for an Illegally Parked Corps

Last summer a dead Seattle man received a ticket for parking too long in a 2-hour zone. It seems the parking enforcement officer chalked the man’s car at 9:30 AM (he was sitting in the driver’s seat, dead), and then came back in the afternoon to issue the ticket. His girlfriend located him about a half hour after he had received the ticket.

Do you think she had to pay the $42 fine? Continue reading Rights for an Illegally Parked Corps