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RC Car Tribute to Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six


HPI Racing has created a Micro-Gymkhana in the form of an RC car, otherwise known as a Ken Block 2013 GRC Micro RS4. At first we thought this was just another typical mini-me 1/18 replica of Ken Block’s monster 650 horsepower Fiesta.

However, upon further inspection we realized this RC car actually features 4WD, coil over shocks, a double wishbone suspension, and high performance tires.

Big deal, you say. RC cars are for kids.

Tell that to the production team who built this miniature Gymkhana Six obstacle course, complete with jumps, a spiked ball, lifted tractors, and an attitude that some psychologists might classify as “Julius Caeser (Little Man) Syndrome”.

Get your Micro-Gymkhana here.

Autozilla’s Ultimate Guide to Spark Plugs

The spark plug is the middle man between your ignition system and power stroke of your standard gasoline engine. It consists of a center electrode and ground electrode placed just above the center electrode, and both attaching to the body of the spark plug. In between the two electrodes is what is called an air gap, which is where a high voltage spark (40,000 to 100,000 volts) travels to ignite the air/fuel mixture.

Once the mixture ignites, an explosion is created that drives the pistons down, turning the crankshaft, which subsequently turns the driveline and powers your vehicle either forward or backward. With so much at stake for every revolution of the engine, it is easy to see why the spark plug has been the brunt of a lot of improved formulations, one being the composition of the plug. Continue reading Autozilla’s Ultimate Guide to Spark Plugs

Top 21 Automotive Uses for WD-40

WD-40 is almost 60 years old. It was born in 1953, by a scientist named Ken East. Ken perfected the formula so that it could be used for the rust prevention of Atlas missile parts. It took 40 trials before the mixture was proven successful, hence its name. Since that faithful moment, people have tried WD-40 on just about everything and anything. Here are the top 21 uses for WD-40… in, on, and around your automobile: Continue reading Top 21 Automotive Uses for WD-40

Road to the Beyond

Cruisin Caskets is the manufacturer of a very unique final resting place, in the form of your favorite ride. These coffins are designed from fiberglass, and feature the choice of body style, paint scheme, upholstery, rims, and personalized license plate (“FULouC4”).  If you’ve got a laid back sense of humor, these can also double as a centerpiece table, hallway bench, or tailgate cooler. Continue reading Road to the Beyond

Add a High Performance Soundtrack to Your Engine

Soundracer has been out for a couple years, and while it gets a lot of guff from the performance community, it is actually a fun little toy if you can find one for around $30 or so (Amazon). It works by plugging into your 12-volt power receptacle, and reading the alternator in order to produce a high performance engine soundtrack, then playing sounds over top your existing engine through an FM station on your stereo system. Continue reading Add a High Performance Soundtrack to Your Engine