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2017 BMW Z4 Concept Forges Jason Statham Out of Ryan Seacrest

The 2009 BMW Z4 was beautiful, soft, and flashy – much like Ryan Seacrest. But BMW’s new 2017 Z4 concept offers a much more rugged appeal.

The  Z4’s previous smooth lines have been replaced with precision edges and purposeful angles. Its wedge-like profile is now aggressive, masculine, and muscular, in a Jason Statham sort of fashion.

And when BMW talks about a “driver car”, this concept takes those words very seriously. The Z4 concept features a blacked out cockpit that is very much set apart from the passenger’s side orange living room tea area.

But all business and no play make Jason a dull boy, which is why those cool silver domes in the rear that will offer great rollover protection – will also look fantastic doing it. And I’m rarely one to comment on an ass, but this Z4 concept certainly has a nice one.

Learn more from BMW here.

Cadillac Spreads its Wings with New Ciel Concept

Cadillac is not usually one to shake the tree to see how many monkeys fall out of it, but this weekend at the Pebble Beach Classic Car Weekend, the General is showing off a new drop top concept, designed for the ultimate in luxury. The four-door sedan is called the “Ciel” (French for “sky”), and features suicide doors, 22-inch alloy rims, and a hybrid (lithium-ion) 3.6-liter twin-turbo worth 425 horsepower and 430 ft-lbs of torque. Continue reading Cadillac Spreads its Wings with New Ciel Concept