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Sports Electric Cars Coming Soon

By the year 2023 it is predicted that most big automotive manufacturers will have around 20 All-electric models in their lineup. That is just five years away. And while one of the motives behind the change will be to meet stricter government standards – the other side of this change is the awesome torque happiness that allows a true sports EV to really put a smile on your face.

Within an electric motor comes the possibility for massive torque, instantaneous throttle response, and a controlled drivetrain that takes all the guesswork out of being a good driver. And while we still have a couple of years until the sport electric car is everything it can be – these next two years promise a couple of pretty close examples.

Such as:

2019 Porsche Taycan

Imagine one of the hugest charging systems an EV has carried (800 volts), combined with a max range of 300 miles per charge. And this Super EV should be in production towards the end of the year, and you can expect to pay less than $100,000 for the privaledge of ownership.

2019 Electric Mini Cooper

The Mini Electric is a looker in concept shoes. But may not be much of a performer if you go by the rumors that BMW’s 5th generation technology will be bypassing Mini and heading straight to the iX3. What a shame.

2020 Tesla Roadster

10 years ago an EV Roadster was released that rocked the world. It was new, funky, sleek, sexy… and more fun to drive than most people would have thought possible. Technology has advanced a lot since the original Tesla Roadster, but the revamped concept is still just as sexy as ever. However, this time they are gunning to make this the fastest production car ever made… period. We like that kind of gumption.

2019 BMW 8 Series – Sexy, Phone Compatible, and Massive Tailpipes

The BMW 8 Series coupe has been extinct for what may seem like centuries. However, BMW has rediscovered and harvested its original DNA, modernized it, gave it an aggressive stance, and slapped a pair of massive tailpipes that look more like a torpedo launcher. This is the 2019 BMW Concept 8 Series in production ready clothes, and yes, it has not changed a whole lot from when it was teased earlier last year.

It comes with LED headlights, an optional carbon fiber roof, and an underbody that is so smooth, you might mistake it for a fighter jet undercarriage. It has been designed to reduce drag, reduce weight, and with its 523 horsepower 4.4-liter V8, it is also designed to interest the sophisticated performance driver that might normally opt for something, like say… the Mercedes Benz S-Class. Would you care to step inside?

This is where all the magic happens, including adaptive cruise control, lane control, a 16 speaker Harmon Kardon stereo system, Merino sports seats, ambient lighting, and the ability to use your smartphone instead of a clumpy pair of keys. This is a winning move for BMW we suspect, and we can gloat on how we were right later this Fall when this classy beast finally hits dealerships.

Byton K-Byte Electric Sedan Gets a 49-inch Big Screen

We don’t make it a habit to shop for our electric sedans based on the size of their screen, but if we did – the electric car startup, Byton, and their concept car K-Byte would be at the top of our list. The Chinese company is looking to become a fierce competitor to Tesla, and to accomplish this, they are going to be ignoring much of what Tesla has done in the past and just doing their own thing.

They plan on relying on simple advertising and usable features that will amplify sales by word of mouth. And this is not an electric car for the business elite, but rather the average Joe and Jolene. It isn’t a car you can only dream about, but rather one to save up for at an estimated price of $45,000. And that isn’t $45,000 right now, it is $45 grand come 2021 when the company estimates it can unleash these electric sedans onto American soil.

And just look at the size of that dash screen. It is huge at 49-inches and will offer plenty of information and entertainment for its driver and passenger who have better things to do other than drive. This will be a level 4 autonomous vehicle, which means you will be in command of the surface streets, but can sit back and relax into passenger status the moment your K-Byte hits the highway.

And you also get a tablet-like device in the center of the steering wheel. We’d like to assume this is to tone down the arguments that may ensue when one passenger wants to watch Rosanne, versus another who prefers Modern Family. But that is only our guess.

Cool Concept Cars We Love


The beautiful thing about a concept car, such as the Ford GT90 above, is that one is not always designed out of practical need, but rather a want – call it a desire. You could even say that a concept car is an expression of “I dare you”.

Concept cars are a sign of the times, a hint of the future, and if you study them long enough – you’ll likely catch yourself getting a strong case of the “I wanna’s”. But you’re not alone, as these are just a handful of concept introductions that we would have preferred to see conclude with a strong production run.

Ferrari F80 Ferrari F80 - Concept car

Infiniti Vision GT Infiniti Vision GT - Concept car

Hyundai Genesis New York genesis new york - concept car - hyundai

Jaguar C-X75Jaguar C-X75 - concept car

Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 concept car

Peugeot Fractal Peugeot Fractal - concept car

Porsche Mission E Porsche Mission E - Concept car


Renault – Alpine VisionRenault - Alpine Vision - Concept Car

Aston Martin DB10Aston Martin DB10

Buick Avista Buick Avista - Concept car

2017 BMW Z4 Concept Forges Jason Statham Out of Ryan Seacrest

The 2009 BMW Z4 was beautiful, soft, and flashy – much like Ryan Seacrest. But BMW’s new 2017 Z4 concept offers a much more rugged appeal.

The  Z4’s previous smooth lines have been replaced with precision edges and purposeful angles. Its wedge-like profile is now aggressive, masculine, and muscular, in a Jason Statham sort of fashion.

And when BMW talks about a “driver car”, this concept takes those words very seriously. The Z4 concept features a blacked out cockpit that is very much set apart from the passenger’s side orange living room tea area.

But all business and no play make Jason a dull boy, which is why those cool silver domes in the rear that will offer great rollover protection – will also look fantastic doing it. And I’m rarely one to comment on an ass, but this Z4 concept certainly has a nice one.

Learn more from BMW here.

Cadillac Spreads its Wings with New Ciel Concept

Cadillac is not usually one to shake the tree to see how many monkeys fall out of it, but this weekend at the Pebble Beach Classic Car Weekend, the General is showing off a new drop top concept, designed for the ultimate in luxury. The four-door sedan is called the “Ciel” (French for “sky”), and features suicide doors, 22-inch alloy rims, and a hybrid (lithium-ion) 3.6-liter twin-turbo worth 425 horsepower and 430 ft-lbs of torque. Continue reading Cadillac Spreads its Wings with New Ciel Concept