Refreshed Maserati Ghibli Granlusso Proves Worthy of its Name

Maserati has always been a name that stood for speed, legacy,  luxury, fame, and a nice pot of money in the bank (or huge loan). And while a 345 horsepower turbocharged powerplant may not seem like a worthy opponent to today’s German engineering, in the hands of a lean and mean (practically autonomous) driving machine, it proves itself more than capable.

As of 2018, the Ghibli received a fresh facelift and beyond a few nips and tucks, what really stands out is its line of safety devices which take us about as close to an autonomous vehicle as we’re ready for. The 2018 Ghibli now has lane departure warning, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, highway assist, blindspot assist, and active lane keeping.

The Ghibli also has an updated set of LED headlights, electric power steering (that is not numb, but rather active). And speaking of activity, the optional 430 horsepower twin turbo SQ4 turns this luxury sedan into an orchestra of exhaust note delight, which is not a common affliction among twin turbo V6 supercars.

And this updated Maserati is also incredibly refined and comfortable, for a car that is actively working to be so many things. Where most luxury cars offer the option of speed or cushioning in the form of a ‘sport’ button, the Ghibli offers both without the necessity to choose between one or the other.

We can’t wait to see what Maserati’s next big update of the Ghibli will bring to the table (in 2020 perhaps).