New 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Revealed

The Volkswagen gets just a bit more serious about 2012. It’s wider, longer, flatter, and is packing more horsepower than it’s had since the Turbo S left the scene back in 2005. Volkswagen has some big plans, like taking on the Mini Cooper and Ford Mustang. That’s correct, the Ford Mustang. Volkswagen sees the Stang as an all-American favorite, and they plan on being right along side of it holding a thick slice of cherry pie. Are they dreaming? Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

While price will play a role in the Beetle’s popularity, that has yet to be given by Volkswagen, so we’ll just have to go with the facts for now. It’s hunkered down stance, shorter windshield, and 200 horsepower turbo (29 mpg) should be a bit more appealing to guys than in the past. The flower vase has been erased, and the dash has an elegant touch of body color accents.

The bug is not quite the friendly, happy go-lucky, familiar face of the 60’s and 70’s. For those who liked the bulbous shape, its new, sleeker form may not be as welcoming. However, considering the Beetle has been losing sales faster than a jackrabbit on Viagra. This is a trade-off they’re willing to risk. While the true bug lovers may be disappointed, the general market will be impressed with some of its new perks.

The 2012 Beetle has a larger trunk, ambient lighting, a navigational system, and the interior has an upscale feel compared to the last generation. The Beetle is not only a bit classier and sporty, but also, dare say, a bit more practical. Can these changes be enough to bring in the 10 million vehicle sales Volkswagen expects throughout the world by 2018? Volkswagen thinks so.

(Photos via Motor Trend and Auto Spies)