2012 Mini Cooper’s Got Helmet Head… But We Like it!

The 2012 Mini Cooper redesign has been released, and besides having a bit of a case of helmet head, it is smaller (52mm lower), quicker, more agile, and definitely the funkiest looking Mini in its 50+ year history. Thanks to its aggressively racked rooftop, the Mini coupe is now a professed two seater. The backseat has become a parcel shelf with pass-through hatch back, offering just enough room for a weekend getaway or weekly grocery errand.

While any possibility of bending this into some sort of a makeshift family car has been completely snapped off, the new size lends itself to a few positives, like speed and fuel economy. The lighter frame of the Mini coupe will certainly now be able to take advantage of its base 122 horsepower 1.6-liter, making this the fastest one yet.

A few extra bucks will snag you the Cooper S (184 horsepower) or John Cooper Works (211 horsepower) versions, making this little pocket rocket scream, “Is that a twin scrolled turbo under that helmet head, or are you just trying to overcompensate for something!” Mini has also added in a six speed manual transmission, integrated roof spoiler (helps channel air over roof), and motorized lower spoiler (increasing down force at speeds over 50 mph).

Overall, we’d give Mini’s effort an solid A-